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"Integrity, competition, responsibility, innovation"

1, integrity is our important resources, but also the cornerstone of the survival and development of enterprises. Our internal and external credit, will win the business and development opportunities; our internal sincerity, will form a strong cohesion, our honesty, Our wills unite like a fortress.; it will form a huge attraction, establish good cooperation and win-win relationship. Confucius said: "people without a letter, do not know it too." He is resolute, integrity is our staff code of conduct in common.
2, under the condition of market economy, the competition of enterprises is not only the quantity and scale, but also the most important core competence is the competition of talents. Market competition is the external driving force for sustainable development. We advocate the competition among enterprises and the talents with the spirit of competition. We encourage and encourage all employees to compete and compete.
3, responsibility is the core of our entrepreneurial spirit. Corporate social responsibility, social responsibility for the people, the people responsible for the organization. How much is the social responsibility of an enterprise, it will have the stage; how much responsibility an employee carries, it means that the value of his. Responsibility is not to bear, but to do not.
4, innovation is the soul of development, innovation is the premise of bold. We encourage and encourage employees to get rid of the traditional mode of thinking and the constraints of the status quo, bold abandon, bold attempt, bold ideas, put forward new ideas, new initiatives, open innovation.