Introduction to Soy Fiber

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Introduction to Soy Fiber

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         Soy dietary fiber is derived from the cell wall material of soybean cotyledon. It is composed of a complex matrix of insoluble fiber, soluble fiber and protein. In many products like ice cream, bread food and drink etc.

         Soy dietary fiber can increase final products' water-binding ability and formability. Soya dietary fibre is wildly used in Nutritional food, Dietary food, Fast food, Seasoning products, Meat products, Bread  and so on.

Application: meat products, quick-frozen products, bakery, tomato sauce, ketchup, heath products, fat-free food, low-fat and low-sugar food and high fiber food.

- Good color and luster, excellent flavor.
- Excellent water-holding and expansibility. To enhance moisture and defer aging when added into the food.
- Excellent property of emulsifying, suspension and thickening.

Packing: 20kgs per plastic-paper bag with separate inner PE liner.

Keep from rain and humidity during transportation and storage, forbidden to pack or store with other odorants.
Best temperature for storage is below 25, keep ventilation and dryness.
Shelf life is 12 months.